The revised stop of 19.57 (posted earlier today) on XLF has been hit, providing a quick (1-day) 3.5% profit on the trade for those that did not book partial or full profits when T1 was hit for a 4.1% gain yesterday. For those allowing a wider stop while holding out for T2, the 19.19 level remains a key support that would likely spark a sharp leg down if taken out & as such, a stop somewhat below that level would be objective for those allowing a little more room to let a position on XLF run for now. Original, previous, & updated 30-minute charts below.

As the revised stop on this trade has been hit, XLF & all associated posts for this trade will now be moved to the Completed Trades archived for future reference. Note: Multiple charts in a ‘gallery’ format, as above, will not show on the email notifications but may be viewed on by clicking on the title of post within the email notification.