WEAT (Wheat ETP) has hit T3 (7.61) for a 9.8% profit. As T3 is the final target for the swing trade, swing traders might consider booking full profits while longer-term traders holding out for the 4th target might consider raising stops to protect profits at this point. T4 has been set at 8.44 which is strategically set slightly below the 8.50 horizontal resistance level in order to minimize missing a fill, should WEAT reversal just shy of resistance. That target is also subject to revision based on how the charts of $WHEAT (spot wheat prices) & wheat futures develop going forward. Previous & updated daily charts below:

note: As T3 was the final swing trade target, WEAT will be now be removed from the Active Trades- Long category but will remain an Active Long-Term Trade until either T4 is hit or WEAT prints a weekly close below the new suggested stop of 6.90 (just below the key 7.00 support level).