Using Gold as an Indicator for Stock Market Corrections (video)

This video highlights a fairly consistent correlation between gold & the stock market, with major tops in gold (via GLD) preceding major tops in the market (via SPY), thereby providing an early indicator of potential corrections in the stock market. Most recently, the sharp divergence between GLD & SPY serves as a caution sign that a mean reversion (i.e.- gold up or stocks down) is likely to occur soon. (This was the video that I started working on earlier today when the price alert for the Pandora trade setup was triggered).

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  1. Ruben November 12, 2016 10:29 pm at 10:29 pm

    Great video!!!
    Very valuable information as usual. Question: at this point do you see anything in bonds – I hear its a bubble. Someone is certainly dumping. Also Dollar is killing it do you believe it will eventually top out or there is more room to run. I see some negative divergence do you? Can you please look into it for us.
    Thank you


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