Useful Trading & Investing App has a pretty slick app available for phones & tablets. I find it particularly useful to quickly glance stock, currency & commodity futures in the evening after I've shut down the PC or in the morning before I boot up (or when out of the office). The app provides access to streaming charts with real-time data, including the ability to select candlestick periods from 1-minute all the way out to monthly sticks. The app is also a useful tool for checking the markets or any individual securities, including a personal watchlist which is easy to create in addition to news & other useful information for traders & investors.

I've included a few screenshots from my phone including instructions & tips on how to use & configure the app for those interested. I'm running the app on an Android phone but it is also available for Apple devices as well. Click here to for more info on the app, including links to download it from Google play or the Apple App Store. The app is free with a relatively small ad banner on some screens & the occasional pop-up ad.

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