Tips On Trading Biotech Stocks & General Charting Principles (video)

This video discusses some of trading strategies & risks unique to trading individual biotech stocks along with some general guidelines to use when charting & trading stocks in the biotechnology sector as well as other sectors. Along with various tips & strategies for trading both biotech stocks as well as other securities in general, the charts of the following biotech stocks are covered in detail: ION, TSRO, LJPC & XON.

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  1. snipertrader March 24, 2016 10:06 am at 10:06 am

    @rsotc – Randy, really excellent video chock full of great thematic advise and guidance which is a good study for everyone for some very key technical and fundamental analysis take away’s applicable to this endeavor in general. Completely agree with you on the heightened risk of individual biotech’s. Actually, when taking position in any individual stock position sizing should be adjusted accordingly in relation to compensate for the elevated risks of the position concentration compared to a broader index or sector ETF. As you so rightly pointed out with certain sectors like Biotechs it’s even more sensitive to these factors. Similar in some ways to some of those heavily smashed up energy plays you had highlighted at the Feb market bottom for some quite alluring R/R plays which you were advising to carefully beta adjust position sizing on to be sure that any single position would not blow a damaging hole in one’s capital. Finally when taking an individual position it’s always a good idea to understand some of the fundamental backdrop behind the stock itself separate from the case being made by the sector within which it is contained which can help assess the opportunity and position sizing. Thanks for the time and effort you invested in this … it’s worth the view for anyone regardless of the stocks covered.


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