STV T1 hit

STV has already hit the top of T1.  although volume is slight above the recent (and historically low) volume, it is still below levels that i'd like to see on a breakout of such a nice looking pattern.  price rules and everything else is a distant second so you'll decide how much, if any, profits [...]

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STV 1st target

STV is currently trading up 4.78% at 3.73 vs. the first target (T1) of 3.75 which is basically at hit in my book (i usually prefer to set my sell limit orders just shy of resistance to help ensure a fill/exit).  the previous charts lists some additional targets so if you took the trade, use [...]

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STV update

STV was a long set-up posted here on wednesday, which is following thru on slightly above avg volume so far.  i still have a bunch of existing trades that i plan to follow-up on later today and into the weekend, some shorts that have been stopped, others that continue to work or still look like [...]

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STV long set-up

STV is just barely starting to poke above this key downtrend line.  i'm not buying any yet but i might if i see prices continue to move higher, especially on increased volume.  targets TBD, stops at a comfortable level below your entry point.  keep in mind this is a low-volume stock.  although low-volume stocks can [...]

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