STV is currently trading up 4.78% at 3.73 vs. the first target (T1) of 3.75 which is basically at hit in my book (i usually prefer to set my sell limit orders just shy of resistance to help ensure a fill/exit).  the previous charts lists some additional targets so if you took the trade, use you own targets and stops as per your own trading style, risk tolerance, etc.. but my thoughts are that this would be a good place for more active traders to consider taking full or partial profits, especially going into the weekend with the market being so overbought and at an increased risk of a near-term pullback.  if remaining long, consider raising your stops.  i will continue to leave this on as an Active Trade, as the daily chart still looks promising and i will also categorize it under the Completed Trades category, as more active traders may opt to book some/all profits here.