MPAA & performance notes

although i've been trying to find the time to update the performance of the trade ideas posted here, which hopefully i'll be able to get caught up on soon, i just wanted to share how i report the results.  first of all, i do not trade or manage the trades ideas on this site for [...]

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SPY 60 min update

SPY is now at the first resistance level where i have it turning down on the primary scenario from yesterday.  however, i should have added an alternative scenario as i did with the XLF 60, which would be a little more upside to the next resistance level before turning lower.  i am adding some shorts [...]

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MPAA T2 hit

didn't catch it earlier or i would have tried to post it before the close but the MPAA long was up big today to literally close right on T2 for a 31% gain from entry so far.  consider taking partial/full profits and/or moving up stops as although this chart still looks very constructive, the odds [...]

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MPAA long update

i usually try to make my trade update posts timely and relevant such as a trade set-up approaching the break-point level or having just recently broken out or maybe an existing trade hitting or approaching a target.  MPAA is actually well in-between it's 1st and 2nd targets but my concern is that these targets are [...]

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MPAA update

as far as the active long trades out there, this one still has one of the most constructive charts IMO.  i first posted this one of the video trade-ideas on sunday feb 5th pre-breakout while still inside the falling wedge, so i don't have a saved copy of the original chart (since i make the [...]

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MPAA first target hit

MPAA was posted on feb 5th (super bowl sunday) in the trade ideas video- part 1, as a long trade idea as breakout from this bullish falling wedge.  the stock then broke out, made a perfect re-test of the wedge and jumped over 12% today to close just above the first target.  consider moving up [...]

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