Short Trades Updates

In updating the active trades category today, the following short trades will be moved to the completed trades category.  All of these trades were stopped out as per the suggested stop criteria from previous posts and as I'm just now getting around to updating that category since the holiday vacation period, many of these trades exceed those stops levels weeks ago and should have been removed a while ago.  The following trades will be moved to the Completed Trades category: CUZ, MKC, REGN, TWM There are also a few active shorts that also exceeded their suggested stop levels by a modest [...]

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shorting MKC

adding MKC as an active short trade here as it is breaking down from this ascending channel.  there is some support at the 59.50 area to contend with but i believe this trade has a good shot of hitting T1 over time if that support level is taken out.  MKC is a relatively low-beta play so typically i will overweight my position size somewhat in a trade like this.  T1 is my preferred target, stops slightly above the 63 level.

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