In updating the active trades category today, the following short trades will be moved to the completed trades category.  All of these trades were stopped out as per the suggested stop criteria from previous posts and as I’m just now getting around to updating that category since the holiday vacation period, many of these trades exceed those stops levels weeks ago and should have been removed a while ago.  The following trades will be moved to the Completed Trades category: CUZ, MKC, REGN, TWM

There are also a few active shorts that also exceeded their suggested stop levels by a modest amount but still look to offer objective short entries at or near current levels so I will leave those trades on for now and plan to do a video or static charts overview on most or all of the active trades asap.  Although the price action over the last few weeks has been very bullish, there are still many red flag on this rally such as the extreme complacency readings on the VIX and sentiment surveys and the technical picture from a longer-term view remains bearish, regardless of the recent shorter-term bullish price action.  There is nothing wrong with riding the current momentum on the long-side.  Just make sure to trail or ratchet up your stops and/or book partial profits at sub-targets along the way and have an exit strategy (for long-only traders/investors) or a short-side trade idea watch-list (for flexible/long-short traders) ready to go should evidence of a trend reversal manifest suddenly.