$NDX top 10 holdings video update- buy the dips or sell the rips?

the million dollar question in the early stages of any pullback in the markets, especially after a strong advance like the market has experienced over the last few months is: "Is this pullback a good buying opportunity to get long as the pundits in the media are claiming?"  -OR- "Is this the beginning of a much larger correction in stock prices and a great time to be shorting?" for those of you that have been following this site, you know my longer-term bias remains bearish.  however, i have maintained that once a pullback began that we would need to assess the [...]

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Nasdaq 100 Overview

As a follow-up to my post regarding a short entry on AAPL as well as the broad markets, I went thru the charts of all 100 components of the leading index, the Nasdaq 100, in order to confirm that the majority of the stocks aligned the bearish technical posture that I've highlighted in the NDX/QQQ recently (which I believe they did).  As I've already covered the largest holding of the leading index (AAPL/$NDX), in the video below I discuss the other 9 of the top 10 holdings, which collectively represent over half of the weighting of that index.  Although the 90% [...]

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