SSEC stairway to….

..well, it's not exactly headed to Heaven.  first chart was posted on january 29th, illustrating the clear stair-stepping pattern in the $SSEC (Shanghai Composite).  as you can see, that uptrend line finally broke down on march 6th and made a perfect re-test on march 14th (confirming the price rejection off that re-test with that huge [...]

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PGJ short update

PGJ short set-up posted on tuesday broke down below the rising wedge pattern on the 60 min chart shortly after and is now re-testing the lower trendline while also at a decent horizontal support level.  see notes on the updated daily and 60 min charts below for an objective stop area on the trade if [...]

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China (again)

china (again) Posted by: rp on the 12th of Aug 2009 at 09:08 am still remains one of my favorite swing shorts. not sure why i don't hear much about it elsewhere... guess everyone just figures they'll go up forever.  ;-)  all the better if you are short.  T1 remains 13 week ema/uptrendline.  updated daily [...]

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