Biotech Bounce Trade Ideas- LABU BIB IBB PBE

I've started to mock up the charts of some of the largest components in the biotech sector which show my reasoning for closing the remainder of my biotech shorts & reversing to a long position in the sector shortly after the open today. As it takes quite a bit of time to annotate & upload each chart, with numerous stocks on various time periods to cover, let me just say that my current plan is to only trade a relatively brief bounce that could last as little as a few hours or extend as long as a few weeks but most [...]

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BIIB and XBI short set-ups

this one has a little more work to do than most set-ups that i post, as i usually try to make my posts timely by posting at or near where i think a pattern might trigger (breakout/breakdown).  BIIB is in the biotech sector, which i believe is on the verge of pullback so it could get down to the bottom of that pattern pretty quickly if we get some selling in the sector (IBB, XBI, BBH are some of the better looking biotech etf's/HOLDRs for a pullback play if you are adverse to shorting individual stocks).  XBI has already broken down [...]

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