SOXL Final Price Target Hit for a 33% Gain

The SOXL (3x bullish semiconductor ETF) short trade hit the final target, T2 at 18.14, for a 33.4% gain on January 14th. At the time, I did publish a brief post stating that target was hit along with some other trades but as the market was moving very fast, I wasn't able to post any updated charts or re-categorize SOXL as a Completed Trade at that time. SOXL, along with SMH, the 1x long semicondutor ETF which was an alternative shorting proxy listed for the trade, has now been recategorized as a Completed Trade. The original & updated 2-day periods charts of SOXL below.

(note: Email notifications were not sent out on this post as a brief update was already posted back on Jan 14th when the final target was hit. This post includes additional notes & charts on the trade for archiving & tracking purposes).

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