SLV Price Target Hit + Misc. Notes

SLV 60 minute April 28th

SLV 60 minute April 28th

SLV (Silver ETF) has hit the 2nd & preferred short-term target of 15.81 and is currently trading at the previously stated 15.85 resistance level. This give SLV about a 6% gain & AGQ nearly triple that in less than one week. Consider booking profits and/or raising stops.

SLV and AGQ (3x long silver etf) were posted as a "unofficial" trade ideas in Wednesday's Silver Poised To Rally post when prices were trading at the bottom of a bullish falling wedge pattern on the 60-minute time frame. From there, SLV went on to undercut one slightly lower low shortly thereafter, making a slightly lower low & one last kiss of the bottom of the wedge before exploding higher on a near vertical ascent to hit the second & preferred price target.

While the odds for a reaction are elevated here, I remain intermediate & quite possibly longer-term bullish on SLV as well as GLD & the mining stocks at this time (possibly, because there is still some work to be done from a technical perspective to help firm up the L/T bullish case). I also continue to expect more downside in the $USD as well as downside in most US equities in the coming weeks which should help place a bid beneath the precious metals.

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