Regarding the previous trade idea for SGG (sugar ETN) which was posted shortly before the close today, please note that I posted the following comments below that post shortly after it was published:

FYI- I received the following message when trying to purchase SGG in one of my accounts after posting this trade: Transactions in the security are limited to only closing trades. SGG may be in the process of being replaced by another sugar ETN with a different ticker, possibly SGAR (also through iPath ETNs). More info to follow asap.

follow-up comment: SGG is scheduled to be delisted by iPath soon & has already been replaced by the ETN provider with SGGB (similar to the recent JJG official trade that has been replaced with JJGB). As SGGB is still thinly traded with significant spreads between the bid & ask price, I will use CANE as the proxy for this trade. A new post with a chart of CANE along with the trade parameters will be posted tomorrow. As the market is now closed, it would only be prudent to wait & see how CANE is trading after the opening bell before taking a position so trade parameters on CANE will be posted tomorrow after the market opens.

On a related note, I would encourage members of the site that receive email notifications when a new post is published to check the site periodically for additional comments, questions & replies that might be posted below any trade idea, market analysis or other posts that you might be interested in following. Comments & questions/answers to posts are not sent by email.