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New Email Notifications From RSOTC

Right Side Of The Chart is rolling out a new & improved system for email notifications when a new post (or posts) is published on the front page of the site. Additional details on how the new email notifications will work, including the various options, will follow but here are a few of the new features:

  • All current members of Right Side Of The Chart will be signed up to receive an email with the entire content, including all chart images, immediately after a new post is published on the front page. This will included both public (free content) as well as premium (subscriber only) posts. Members that are not currently subscribed to receive email notifications when a new front page post is published or those that are but do not wish to receive new posts via email can use the unsubscribe link located at the bottom of all emails that will be sent from the new system.
  • The new system will also be more user-friendly for public followers of RSOTC as well. Unlike the current email notification system, which automatically sends out a email notification with an excerpt of each new post along with a link to view the post on the site without differentiating between free & premium content, public followers of the site will now be able to receive a daily digest all new public (free content) posts, also with the full content of the post including any chart images, without having to click a link to visit the site, which often redirected them to the Membership Options page if that post was locked as premium content for subscribers. Premium content post excerpts will no longer be included in the RSOTC Daily Digest.
  • Non-members of the site that are currently signed up to receive email notifications will be added to the new & improved “Public Content Only” daily digest, which will also contain an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each daily digest that is sent. Note: Daily digests are only sent at the end of each day, 6pm ET, if there have been any new public posts made since the previous digest was sent.
  • Again, existing members will be automatically subscribed to the new immediate post notifications, which is beneficial as much of the premium content contains trade ideas & other timely and actionable analysis on various sectors, gold, commodities, etc.  Should an existing member of the site cancel their membership or if someone on free trial membership decides not to subscribe as a Silver or Gold member at the end of their trial period, the system will automatically reassign them to the public daily digest email list (which they can unsubscribe from at any time).

IMPORTANT: If you are already subscribed to receive notifications of when a new post is published, you should receive two copies of this notification, one in the previous (current) format & another in the new format with a different appearance. If you were already subscribed to new post notifications & only received one email with the same format of new post notifications that you have been receiving, please contact me so I can look into the issue. Once the new notifications appear to be working fine, the previous notification system will be retired. Note: Public subscribers will continue to receive immediate notifications as well as the new Public-only content Daily Digest sent at 6pm ET until the previous system is retired.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, feedback or issues with the new email notification system.

Best regards,

Randy Phinney

(This 2nd notification of the new system was delayed about 15 minutes after the sending of the initial post as the new system was not yet activated)

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