i’ll try to make some static charts for the trade ideas that i covered in the video posted last night but i can’t promise when i’ll be able to get them all posted.  i’m lobbying my dr.’s office to call in a tamiflu script which will hopefully keep me in the game this week because as i mentioned, i do believe that there is a good chance that those key support levels on the 60 min index charts give way soon, probably this week, which could open the door to a new wave of selling.  there were quite a few new trade ideas posted in that video that still look like objective short entries this morning including LOW, CBG, PEET, & LNKD .  of course, the success or failure of those trades will depend largely on whether or not i am correct in my assumption that the primary indexes will break support and move lower soon.  entering short trades, even on a confirmed pattern breakdown or push back to resistance, while the broad markets remain just above support is a very aggressive tactic and only advisable for experienced, nimble traders.