The LQD (investment-grade corporate bond ETF) short swing trade has just hit the sole price target, T1 at 111.38, for a quick beta-adjusted gain of 15.4%, factoring in the 2x or 2.0 beta-adjusted position size (unadjusted gain of 7.7%). Consider booking partial or full profits or lowering stops to protect gains if your plan was/is to allow for a potential runner trade as discussed in some of the recent video updates covering LQD. Original & updated daily charts below.

This 15.4% beta-adjusted gain comes on the heels of the 22% beta-adjusted gain on the previous short trade on LQD for just a week or so ago. As T1 was the final official price target, LQD and all associated posts on this trade will now be moved to the Completed Trades archives for future reference.