Technical analysis providing the outlook for various commodity tracking ETNs, including a couple active trades on along with a few potential trade setups.

For those wanting to skip ahead to a particular commodity, the following ETNs are covered in this order: LIT (lithium- Active Trade), JJOFF (coffee- Active Trade), KOL (coal), SGGFF (sugar), OILNF (oil), USO (oil), SGGB (sugar), JJGTF (grains), BALTF (cotton), WEAT (wheat), UGA (unleaded gas), SOYB (soybeans), DBA (various commodities), CANE (sugar), CORN (corn), JJCTF (copper), FOIL (aluminum), JJUFF (aluminum), LD (lead), JJGB (grains), COWTF (livestock), CUT (timber & forestry), WOOD (timber & forestry), UNG (natural gas) & NIB (cocoa).

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