Support levels to watch on GLD: 121.25, 120.25, uptrend line/wedge pattern. Likely target if GLD breaks below 120.25 & wedge would be the 115.70 area. Still awaiting a break below this steep bearish rising wedge pattern for a likely correction down to the 21.20 area in GDX.

Any bounce in QQQ is likely to be contained at the 106.80 resistance level with a possible (but unlikely IMO) move up to the 108.50ish resistance. Any move above that level would bring the intermediate & longer-term bearish case into question. Orange scenario (a continued move down to at least the 103.35 area) is my preferred scenario with the light blue scenario (bounce to 106.80 area) at somewhat distant alternative scenario. Regarding the SPY, a continued moved down to the 201.25ish area (orange) is my primary with my alternative scenario (light blue) allowing for a pop up to the 207 area before a continued move lower.