The TWTR (Twitter Inc) Active Short Trade hit the first target earlier today for a quick gain of 6.1% going on to just hit T2 for a 12.8% gain in just 3 trading sessions. Based on the quick gains coupled with the very oversold near-term conditions, I would consider booking partial or full profits here as the odds for a meaningful bounce off or near this level are fairly high at this time. Those holding out for T3 might consider lowering stops to protect profits at this point. Previous & updated 60-minute charts:

I posted an update in the trading room that I recently closed my position at 31.62 after revising my BTC (buy-to-cover) limit to 31.62 & was planning to revised T2 to that level but the stock made another thrust down before I could do so which is just as well now that the original price target is hit. Twitter will remain an Active Short Trade but again, I do believe that the stock is likely to consolidate or bounce around this level before backfilling that large gap below unless the broad market melts down in the coming sessions.