TEO target hit

T1 was the only (final) target on the TEO short trade that triggered on friday so consider taking full profits if you have not done so already.  this one was good for an 11.7% gain in less than 3 trading sessions and although the argentine stocks continued to get spanked today on kirchner's nationalization of YPF, TEO is at pretty decent support when viewed on the longer-term weekly chart.  therefore, i don't think the R/R warrants trying to hold out for additional gains on the short-side on TEO.  TEO will now be move into the completed trades archives.  charts in reverse [...]

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TEO set-up triggered

TEO has broken down for the descending triangle pattern recently posted, triggering a short entry.  downside target remains as previously posted.  TEO is Telecom Argentina and as the winds of socialism continue to blow down there with the latest nationalization plans for YPF, the spillover seems to be having ripple effects in other argentine stocks.  it's possible that's not the reason for this bearish pattern to trigger today, as i have no idea if the gov't already owns some of all of TEO but that's irrelevant when using technical analysis.  as i like to say: Charts don't lie, people do.  TEO [...]

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TEO set-up

as long as i'm on the global telecoms, TEO looks to be in the final stages of a descending triangle pattern.  while this is considered an inherently bearish pattern, these things can break either way and often prove very profitable for a long entry if broken to the upside.  however, as the pattern is typically bearish and this particular pattern is starting to mature (nearly 2/3rd's to apex) with prices currently threatening support, i have marked the initial target for a short which would be triggered on a downside break.  i may revisit the pattern if that support holds and prices [...]

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