GCAP Profit Target Hit

GCAP (Gain Capital Holdings Inc) has hit the sole profit target for a 21.2%.  This follows the 25.3% gain in the stock less than a year ago.  As the first target was the first of either the downtrend line on the 2-hour chart (which was hit today) or the 9.00 horizontal resistance area, this trade will now be considered completed.  However, GAIN is currently trading up about 12% on the day as I type and has exceeded the uptrend line by a fair margin, thereby increasing the odds that the 9.00 resistance level will be reached.  For those who wish to [...]

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GCAP Aggressive Long Setup/Entry

GCAP (GAIN Capital Holdings Inc.) will be added as an AGGRESSIVE long entry here around 7.13 as the stock has plummeted over 50% to key uptrend line support (daily chart) while also at horizontal support with bullish divergences in place on the 2-hour chart.  GCAP successfully hit the final target for a 25.3% gain early this year on the previously long trade, with the stock going on to make a parabolic run which terminated a few months ago, followed by a very powerful reversion to the mean (i.e.- the primary uptrend line where GCAP is currently trading).  As overshoots of support [...]

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GCAP final target hit

The GCAP long has gapped just above the first target and hit the second target today for a 25.3% gain.  GCAP had made one very brief run at the suggest stop area to backtest the downtrend line from above but managed to print a solid close (daily candlestick) above the pattern and then continued to grind higher until today's large gap up.  As T2 was the final target, consider booking full profits as this trade will now be considered completed.

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GCAP long entry

On Jan. 29th, GCAP was posted as a bullish falling wedge pattern which was likely to break out of this bullish falling wedge pattern.  GCAP did breakout shortly thereafter but as previous posted, my preference was to hold off on adding it as active long trade at that time on any breakout as my concern was that a breakout was likely to not immediately stick.  GCAP had a nice little pop following the breakout but since has fallen back sharply and is currently backtesting the top of the bullish falling wedge pattern.  Therefore, the stock is offering an more objective long [...]

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GCAP bullish falling wedge pattern

GCAP (GAIN Capital) is setting up in what looks to be a nice bullish falling wedge pattern on this daily time frame chart.  Normally, I might add this as an Active Long Trade once/if prices break above the downtrend line/top of the pattern but with GCAP being a sub $5 price stock (inherently higher risk) and the fact that I can not find any information on the next scheduled quarterly earnings release date (although it is likely to be this week as the last two reporting dates were 10/30/12 & 7/31/12), I prefer to just share the potential trade idea for [...]

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