DEST final target hit

please disregard this post.  i am currently working on updating the performance tracking spreadsheet for the trade ideas and just realized that i never posted the final target being hit on DEST.  i'm adding this chart for the completed trade archives and might come across a couple more over the weekend.

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DEST primary target hit

DEST actually hit it's primary target yesterday but is still trading there today so consider taking some profits and/or moving up stops.  secondary target, which is basically T3 as i had an initial target before the primary target, remains as marked.

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DDS & DEST hit T1

fyi... both DEST and DDS have now hit their first targets so depending on your own trading plan if you took either of these, consider taking partial/full profits and/or moving up stops to protect profits.  always have a plan before you enter a trade as to where you plan to take profits and where you plan to place your stops. it's fine if you have a dynamic plan (i.e.- take partial profits at an early target and then re-assess the position for future targets and adjust stops accordingly).   several existing shorts may also be near suggested stop points so make sure [...]

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DEST daily

very similar to the DDS notes below:  this one could break either way so i've marked targets for a pattern resolution in either direction.  like the previous post on DDS, this one also closed at the top of it's pattern on friday so those preferring to play an upside break should keep this one on their radar while an aggressive short could be made at the top of the pattern with stops above, or more conservatively, on a break-down of the pattern.

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