closing CWTR long early & suggest booking full profits

after hitting and consolidating around the first target level for a few days, the CWTR long popped on strong volume today and is roughly half-way to the previously posted T2 (2nd and final target).  however, based on my outlook for the broad market plus the fact that CWTR has a lot of supply (resistance) to [...]

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CWTR first target hit

the CWTR long has hit and exceeded T1 today (0.80) for a 25% gain from entry.  the stock ran as high as the 0.89 level, a 39% gain, which it then found resistance at the 200-day ema & has pulled back.  T2 remains the final target for now although additional targets might be added to [...]

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CWTR long

as the market is basically in a holding pattern in front of the fed tomorrow, i'll start to post some of those longs setups that i mentioned yesterday.  this first one is CWTR, which in hindsight i should have posted yesterday as it was just below the downtrend line that i was tracking and ready [...]

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CWTR breaking out

right after the MOO trendline alert this morning, i also receive one on the CWTR set-up recent posted.  if you decide to take it, i would normally tell you to watch for above average volume to confirm the breakout but that doesn't really seem to matter much in this market lately.  longer-term traders, investor might [...]

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CWTR set-up

i had an absolute field day swing trading CWTR multiple times, mostly on the short side,  throughout a good part of it's descent in recent years.  i now have alerts set on both sides of this ascending triangle pattern.  although these are inherently bearish patterns, they can often provide very lucrative long-side trades on an [...]

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