ARNA entry and stop

the ARNA set-up posted last night fell back to the top of support this morning, providing an possible long entry, but just kept on going and sliced right thru the bottom support line, triggering the suggested stop.  this will now be taken off as a set-up and moved to the completed trade category.

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ARNA long set-up

ARNA has been a great trading stock over the last year.  my last few posted trades were made in another blog before i started this site but you can see how well this stock trades between these resistance levels by viewing those past charts (2nd and 3rd charts below).  the first chart below is today's chart showing how ARNA has pullback back to the top of a support zone (former resistance/trigger area for the last long-side trade).  keep in mind this is a very volatile stock so adjust your position size accordingly if you take it.  most objective entry would be [...]

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