many of the active trade ideas, both long and short, often provide very objective levels to add to a position or recycle back into one, if you had taken profits as one or more targets were previously hit.  on long-side trades, look for pullbacks to a previous target or other key support level, maybe a re-test of a trendline or technical pattern that was recently broken.  ditto for short trades although you’d be looking for a bounce back to a key resistance level, such as a former target, as was the recently the case with the CMG short when it made a sharp, over-extended bounce back to the T1 level (former support, now resistance).

SBH is a good example of an active short trade offering an objective add-on or new short at current levels.  although shorting re-tests of a recently broken trendline or support level (assuming that other technical conditions confirm it) is objective in itself, the odds for a successful trade are increased considerable when you have an impulsive reaction off that level, such as SBH is experiencing today.  as shown in the previous posts on SBH, this uptrend line dates all the way back to the march 2009 bear market lows, making it a very valid and key trendline.  as such, the fact that prices have failed to regain that level after attempting to do so for the last week or so only adds to the probability that the 3 1/2 year uptrend in this stock has ended.  although there are never any guarantees that this, or any trade idea posted here will play out, SBH still offers an exceptional R/R even if just the first target is hit, regardless of the fact it is now down over 5.5% on the day.