SBGL Price Target Hit for a 15% Profit

The SBGL (Sibanye Gold Ltd) short trade has hit T1, the final official target at 16.66, for a 15.4% gain in just 1 week. Consider booking full profits or at least lowering stops if holding out for the next potential target (unofficial target) which has been revised to 13.62 with the actual support level at 13.50. The previous potential T2 is still a potential final target around the 11.40 level. However, that is also an unofficial target, as this trade will now be assigned to the Completed Trades category. Previous & updated daily charts:

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  1. Dazi August 26, 2016 9:18 pm at 9:18 pm

    Hi there,
    I am new, want to make sure I understand.
    You speak of holding out for the next potential target. That’s not an official trade, tho, because this has been assigned to Completed Trades, yes?
    But are some still in this trade?
    Thanks very much.


    • rsotc August 29, 2016 11:10 am at 11:10 am

      Dazi- I share both official & unofficial trade ideas on the site. Official trade ideas are those in which I have the highest degree of confidence & while I wouldn’t post an unofficial trade idea (or price target) if I didn’t think it had a decent chance of playing out, unofficial trades & unofficial price targets (on official trade ideas) are those in which my degree of confidence isn’t at the highest end of my confidence. Sometimes that might be due to the trade setup but more often, it has to do with my bias or outlook for the market or sector at the time.

      For example, I’ve been expecting a decent pullback in the market for some time now & as such, my expectation is that breakouts on long trade setups have an increased rate of failure (failing to reach their measure targets before being stopped out). The thing is that I know my market analysis will be wrong at times & while I’m bearish (or bullish) there are bound to be other traders & investors that are bullish (or bearish) and looking for trade setups that align with their current bias on the market or a particular sector. As such, if I come across a bullish or bearish setup that looks attractive, I will share it either as an official or unofficial trade idea, leaving it up to each trader to decide whether to take it or pass.

      On SBGL, for example, T1 was the only official price target as I believe the odds for a reaction is fairly high (tip- you can hover or click on any work like reaction with a dotted underline to see a pop-up definition of that term). My degree of confidence, both at the time I added the SBGL trade as well as when the stock was approaching T1, that the stock would continue to fall to either of those next two potential targets just wasn’t strong enough for me to add those as official targets.

      I’ll share unofficial targets, such as those on SBGL, as there might be traders that think the miners are going down much and are looking for trade ideas or price target that might be beyond where I plan to book profits. Some traders might also opt to book partial profits at T1 or lower stops at that point while letting the position ride for additional gains.

      Some members on the site prefer to only stick with the official trade ideas & official price targets while others might do more of their own thing but enjoy seeing as many trade ideas and potential price targets as possible, passing on some, taking others & quite often using their own stops & price targets in lieu of those that I share. Hope that helps.



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