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Right Side Of The Chart will now allow open registration which will initially be used for access to the new Trading Room (Forum) as well as the ability to ask questions & post comments to new posts published on the home page of Right Side Of The Chart.

Until now, followers of the site were limited to commenting or asking questions on the trade ideas & market commentary posted on the site via the contact form, in which a reply, often very detailed, was sent back to them via email. The new comment section will be a benefit to all followers of the site as many of the questions that I receive are often similar or identical in nature. By posting questions related to market analysis and trade ideas published on RSOTC in the comments thread located below each post, all replies as well as any beneficial comments from others are now able to be viewed by all followers of the site (registered users must be logged in to post or view comments).

Both the Trading Room as well as the Comment section allow for anonymity as only the username (or a separate display name of your choosing) will be displayed. No personally identifiable information is collected during the registration process. The registration process is confidential, using an encrypted SSL/HTTPS webpage, only requiring a username and an email address, in which you will receive an auto-generated password & confirmation link from Right Side Of The Chart in order to activate your registration. The email confirmation link is necessary to help prevent spam-bots from registering and disrupting the trading forum and comment section with spam. The email address that you provide to RSOTC will not be displayed to other users and RSOTC will never share or sell your email address.

Registration with full access to the site will be available free without any obligation or payment required for a limited period most likely ranging from anywhere from at least a month to several months, at which point the site will continue to provide free content in addition to premium content available at a very modest subscription fee. Once the subscription service is rolled out, registered members have the option of becoming paid subscribers, with continued access to all premium content, including the trading forum, or continue to access the free content on site as non-registered user.

For additional details on how the premium & free content will differ, as well as expected timelines and the reasoning for these upcoming changes, click here to view the long version.


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(this video & other tutorials will also be available within the Trading Room)

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