Reducing Long Exposure, Updating Trade Ideas

I just closed out about 1/2 of my QQQ bounce long position as today's rally has taken many of the top components of the $NDX/QQQ at or near resistance levels. I may decide to book full profits soon & even reverse back to a short position but just sitting tight on the rest for now. At times like this when volatility is high with powerful & sudden intraday swings, it is very difficult to quickly communicate all of the developments that occur, especially when including charts with those updates.

As such, I may rely on the RSOTC twitter feed, Randy Phinney@RSOTC, to communicate any potential day trading opps, position/bias changes or  minor/short-term market developments. As always, any timely & actionable trade ideas & market analysis will be posted to the site asap with email notifications sent out immediately to subscribers. A daily email summary of all new posts is also available via the Daily Digest for less active traders & investors. Both email notification formats can be accessed by clicking here or the icon on the upper right-hand corner of the home page.

With the recent sharp moves in the market, numerous trade ideas have hit one or more profit targets and there are still a few recently stopped out trades that need to be removed. In order to minimize inbox clutter, immediate email notifications on non-timely trade updates will not be sent. Several short trade ideas which hit one or more profit targets yesterday have already been posted to the site today with more to follow, including updates to the Long Trade ideas.

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