Precious Metals & Mining Sector Outlook (video)

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Precious Metals & Mining Sector Outlook (video)

For those only interested in the outlook for precious metals and the gold mining sector, the first 13 minutes of this video covers the outlook for gold (via GLD), silver (via SLV) and platinum (via PPLT) followed by a more detailed analysis of the gold mining sector (via GDX).

For those looking for trade ideas among the individual mining companies, the remainder of the video cover the chart of the largest components of GDX (in descending order sorted by market capitalization). The analysis of the top mining companies also supports the potentially bullish setup currently developing in the mining sector. As with GDX, nearly all of the top components are poised for some potentially lucrative gains in the coming months however, none have yet to trigger any of the buy signals discussed in the video. As always, a trade setup is just a setup until the breakout or entry criteria is met.

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