The MOS (The Mosaic Company) Swing Trade + Growth & Income Trade recently had the stop clipped by a few cents for a modest 2.7% loss but has since confirmed the divergences & looks to be headed to at least T1. As such, the stock will be added back as another Active Swing Trade as well as a Growth & Income Trade here around the 20.20 area.

In hindsight, I had set that stop too tight, especially considering the fact that MOS has the potential for additional price targets to be added. I’ve also set a lower stop at any move below 19.60 this time around to account for the fact that Mosaic goes ex-dividend next Wednesday. All other things being equal, the price of a stock will typically fall by roughly the amount of an upcoming dividend on the ex-dividend date. In this case, the upcoming dividend of 0.15 we be paid out to shareholders of record as of Sept 7th, payable on Sept 21st. Hence the downward adjustment on the stop price. The suggested beta-adjustment on this trade will be 1.0 as with the previous trade, which will now be reassigned to the Completed Trades category to be archived indefinitely for future reference.