The following trades will be removed from the Active Trades- Long category and re-categorized as Completed Trades.  All but one of these are gold or silver stocks in which I had previously stated my preference for taking profits at the first targets as I suspected that the breakout on the mining sector would be sold into early.  Most did hit those initial targets, offering the chance to take full or partial profits but all have pulled back sharply since then and may likely continue lower before putting in a more lasting bottom.

SSRI:  Hit T1 (first target) for a 6% gain and has fallen beyond the entry price since, triggering any reasonable stops.

HMY:  Moved up following entry but stopped cold at the bottom of the second resistance zone (R2) before reversing and exceeding the previously suggested stop. (This is the only Active Long Trade being removed that did not hit at least the first target).

IAG:  Hit the first target for a quick 6.9% gain but has since pulled back and in now trading just below the entry price and as such, will be considered completed.

THM: Popped quickly to the T1 level for about a 4% gain and has since pulled back below entry and will be considered completed.

MAKO: A non-mining stock (surgical company) that hit T1 for a 16.2% gain before pulling back and is now trading below entry.  In the original posts, I had mentioned that MAKO might make one more thrust back down to the weekly support zone around 10.00-10.50 and as such, also added MAKO to the Long-term Trades category.  That category includes trades that have potential to be multi-month or even multi-year swing trades or investments.  As I had stated that longer-term traders/investors might want to take a fractional position, allowing room to add on one last thrust back down to that 10.00-10.50 level (current price is 10.47).  MAKO will remain as an Active Long-term Trade for now but will be removed from the Active Trades category (in which the majority of swing trades posted on the site fall under).