JJOFF Stopped Out for a 6% Loss

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JJOFF Stopped Out for a 6% Loss

The JJOFF (coffee ETN) swing trade briefly undercut the stop of 13.79 yesterday for a 6.1% loss will now be moved to the Completed Trades archives. Coffee still appears to be carving out a likely bottom & is on watch for another long entry. Previous & updated daily charts below.

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  1. BIGBADWOLF June 8, 2018 11:01 am at 11:01 am

    Wow… So close. I think the breakout is literally just around the corner. Perhaps next Monday.

    • rsotc June 8, 2018 11:26 am at 11:26 am

      I continue to see what can only be described as an unprecedented & uncanny series of stop-raids on the official trades that barely clip the stops on both long & short trades, with the trade going on to play out as expected.
      This is quite likely the result AI & algo trading programs that are designed to sniff out the logical (and actual) levels where stop clusters exist in order to run them & then reverse the trade to position for the trend change.
      Maybe, maybe not but regardless, for many years I’ve been setting my stops slight above the levels in which I believed the masses would have their stops set in order to minimize getting caught in a stop raid & I’ve never seen so many stops raids as I have since Q4 2017.
      As such, I plan to set the stops on more of the swing trades based on a daily close above a certain level (such as the active ITA short trade) to allow for intraday stops raid & in some cases, I might set the stops on a weekly close above or below a certain level.
      NTNX was the latest on another long line of intraday stops raids & I’ll update that one asap.


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