IWM Sell Signal Pending

Next sell signal on IWM (Russell 2000 Index Tracking ETF) to come on both a break below this uptrend line & a bearish cross on the 28/68 ema pair (15-minute chart):

IWM 15 min Dec 1st

IWM 15 min Dec 1st

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  1. Padre December 2, 2015 5:46 pm at 5:46 pm

    Hi Randy, IWM closed today at $118.60 which is right at your alternate trend line. I can’t tell if the 28/68 EMA pair has crossed bearish but it’s got to be very close. I think we’ve got a trade here.


  2. rsotc December 3, 2015 8:59 am at 8:59 am

    Hi Padre, I posted the first chart below, along with the following comments, shortly before noon (ET) yesterday in the Trading Room: “Aggressive short entry (unofficial) here on the breakdown below the primary uptrend line on the 15-min chart of IWM (TZA long or TNA short). Additional confirmation will come on a break below the alternative uptrend line & a bearish cross of the 28/68ema pair (15–minute frame). Horizontal lines mark potential price targets (unadjusted for optimal fill, set BTC orders slightly above).”
    (note: This link should contain 2 images to IWM 15-minute charts via, which I believe to be a legitimate site for posting images). However, on the first attempt to embedded the same charts from imgur, a graphic image was loaded instead. This link appears to be directing to the correct chart images now but please notify me if not).

    IWM went on to print a solid close below both the primary & alternative trendlines and also triggered a sell signal on the 28/68ema pair (histogram at bottom of the chart). I listed a few support levels/potential targets on that chart & wouldn't be surprised to see IWM hit that lowest target around 116.50 in the coming days. The second chart is the IWM 15-minute as of yesterday's close. Still plenty of downside left IMO to initiate a short but the most objective entry was on a break of either TL yesterday. The 118.95 level should act as resistance now. G-luck if you take it!


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