FOMC Announcement Pending, NIB Update & Miscellaneous Notes

Just a reminder that the FOMC rate decision is schedule to be released around 2pm EST today. As discussed in the recent video & within the Trading Room, some FOMC announcements, such as this one, have the potential to cause sharp reactions in the financial markets (stocks, bonds, gold, etc..). Any technical breakouts or breakdowns leading up to the FOMC rate announcement & the follow-up statement as well as those that occur in the wake of the Fed's comments have a much higher chance of proving to be whipsaw buy & sell signals (i.e.-failed breakouts) due to the sharp back & forth price swings that can often follow the FOMC announcement. As such, I tend to be extra selective on initiating any new positions & will often temporarily suspend stops on any existing trades that are very close to being hit until the post-FOMC noise subsides, usually by mid-to-late session the following day.

I plan to spend the better part of today updating the trade ideas, many of which have long since either exceeded their suggested stop, hit one or more price targets or simply no longer look compelling at this time & I will reply to any questions or chart opinions later today or this evening. Due to the sheer number of trade ideas that need to be updated, email notifications will only be sent out once all the trade ideas in a particular category (e.g.- Active Long Swing Trades) are up to date, with the old trades being moved to the Completed Trades category to be archived for future reference.

On a related note, you may have noticed a change in the 'ticker symbol tag cloud' that appears at the top of the page when selecting any of the trade categories. Although the functionality is intact, meaning that you can click on the ticker symbol for any of those trade ideas in order to load all posts related to that specific trade in chronological order, a recent software update to the website has altered the way the symbol tag cloud appears with all tickers listed in a single column vs. the normal more efficient 4 column layout as well as the date of the most recent update on each trade appearing twice (see screenshots above). I have a programmer scheduled to fix this issue a week from now but again, the functionality is still intact when sorting each trade category by symbol or date as well as clicking on a particular ticker symbol to view all related posts on that trade.

NIB daily March 15th

NIB daily March 15th

FYI- Just a heads up: The NIB (Cocoa ETN) Active Long Swing Trade has come within 23 cents of the first price target so far today.

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