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you now have two options available to in order to be notified of any new posts made on Right Side of the Chart.  last week, i added the "Subscribe in a Reader" link which allows you to be alerted of all new posts in real-time.  however, some readers must be manually refreshed in order to show new content but the "RSS TIcker" for Firefox browsers can be set to look for new posts as frequent as every minute (click here to view a video on how to set up the RSS Ticker).  some might find the RSS feed useful as you can follow other trading blogs as well.

for those the prefer to be notified of new post via email, i have also added a "Subscribe by Email" link (both links are at the upper right-hand side of the page, at the top of the sidebar). when you click on this link, you will be asked to provide your email address.  you will then be emailed a link which confirms your email address and will take you to a set-up page.  the default in the set-up page is to receive notification of all new posts from Right Side of the Chart, however, you have the option to select to receive notification on only the categories that you want.  e.g.- a gold bug might only interested in posts made in the Gold/Commodities category (which included both analysis of PM & commodities as well as trade ideas in the related stocks and etf's); an investor managing their IRA or long-term funds might only want to receive update on any posts assigned to the Long-Term Trades category.

just an fyi, i would never sell or share any email address and if you decide to unsubscribe, there is an unsubscribe link at the end every email notification sent out from this site. will respect your privacy and will only send you emails related to what you subscribed to.  i believe these features are useful since my posting activity is usually commensurate with my own trading activity, so there are times where i might step away from the market for several days at a time.  there are also times where i might suddenly come across a great looking trading opportunity that i immediately put on the site as an Active Trade, by-passing the usual Trade Set-up category.  finally, there are times where something compelling convinces me to close an open position/Active Trade, before the next target is hit.  this was the case recently with the RGR short trade, which i decided to close early due to a bullish pattern setting up on the intraday charts and i immediately reversed that trade to a long (and the ensuing bounce was not only immediate, but substantial as well, recently hitting the bounce target for almost a 20% gain).

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