DWT Stopped Out For a 4% Beta-Adjusted Loss

The DWT Short Swing Trade hit the maximum suggested stop of 7.79 on Monday for a 4.3% beta-adjusted loss (12.4% total loss x 0.35 beta-adjusted position size due to the 300% leverage). Previous & Updated daily charts below:

DWT was mentioned being stopped out several times in recent videos as well as the trading room but as with all official trade ideas, a front page post is made when either the final price target or the maximum suggested stop is hit with that trade and all associated posts reassigned to the Completed Trades archives for future reference.

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  1. susantrade3 May 9, 2018 10:51 am at 10:51 am

    CYCLE guys say this is near top and Oil will turn over and go down. Oil prices aren’t spiking higher yet as its 120 days + before sanctions and who knows what may happen. There is still fundamental oversupply from US Oil Drillers. So the short IMO is still in play its just where to enter.


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