As I suspected, DWT gapped above the wedge & the 31.85 resistance level as well as the 32.00 official buy trigger today due to the crude futures continuing lower leading up to the market open today. DWT is now an official Active Swing Trade & still offers an objective entry here with over 11% upside to the price target. Previous & updated 60-minute charts:

I realized today that I neglected to mention a suggested beta-adjustment for this trade. While normally I will make an downward adjustment relative to the amount of leverage employed on any ETPs that I trade (e.g.- a 300% leveraged ETP would call for roughly 1/3rd of a typical position size), as this is expected to be a relatively quick trade (days or weeks) with relatively modest gain (~13%) and loss (~3%) potential, the suggested beta-adjustment is 1.0 (a typical position size).