CMG daily 11CMG is one of several active short trades close to being stopped out.  As far as stops, I typically base my stops on the candlestick close on the time frame that the trade was based off.  A good example of this is the $SPX, which as I mentioned early has exceeded the 1430 level intraday 4 out of the last 5 trading sessions, yet closed back below that level (or right on it yesterday) each time.

The stop criteria for CMG is a close above the former T2 target zone (now resistance).  The top of that zone is around 287 and I typically allow about a 2%+/- margin to help avoid stop raids.  Therefore, any close at or above 293 and I will cover my short in CMG and officially remove the trade.  As always, make sure to use stops that are commensurate with your own trading style and risk tolerance.