Upon further review of the charts, I have decided to close out the GDX long swing trade at the current price of 21.20. This results in a total gain of 17.3% from the entry at 18.07 on November 4th or a beta-adjusted gain of  13.9% (adjusted for the 0.80 suggested beta-adjusted position size). Previous & updated 60 & 120-minute charts below:

The original final target was set not far above at 21.69 but it appears to me that the odds for a pullback in gold as well as GDX are substantially elevated at this time & as such, the R/R to remain long for another ~2% upside while risking a considerable giveback of profits is not favorable. GDX will now be moved to the Completed Trades category, along with all associated posts, to be archived indefinitely for future reference.