Part 2 of 2 videos on the 40 stocks in my Cannabis watchlist, covering the last 20 stocks with key technical levels. Bottom line is that there is a mixed bag of technicals in the cannabis stocks right now; some bullish setups & recent breakouts along with some bearish chart patterns & recent breakdowns with the majority of marijuana stocks trading sideways to slightly lower as they continue to digest the huge gains & overbought conditions from the rally leading up to the US elections in November.

The following stocks are covered in this order: VAPE, DEWM, ERBB, EAPH, ENRT, AERO, CHUM, MJNA, TWMJF, TRTC, CNBX, ATTBF, IIPR, APHQF, CARA, SPRWF, MCOA, TBQBF, GRNH & CNAB.