This is the 3rd of at least 5 videos that I plan to publish today covering any sectors, industries or commodities that stand out as potential trading or investing opportunities with attractive risk-to-reward profiles. As I’ve posted extensive coverage of dozens of individual marijuana stock setups in recent weeks, this video focuses mainly on some of the considerations & strategies to consider when trading the high-flying (no pun intended) stocks, many of which have posted double & even triple-digit percent gains in just the past few weeks or even days. Brief updated on about a half-dozen or so cannabis trades as well as the Horizons Medical Marijuana Life Sciences ETF, HMMJ.TO are also covered.

Although I discussed several unique factors & strategies that should be taken into consideration when trading these stocks, I want to add that these are extremely aggressive trade ideas and as such, a trader or investor might consider committing only a relatively small part of their trading account or portfolio when engaging these stocks. As of now, the momentum is very bullish & I continue to see both impulsive follow through on the stocks that have recently triggered buy signals on breakout above the previous highlighted chart patterns, downtrend lines or other resistance levels as well as several other stocks breaking out impulsive in recent trading session.