Dr. Copper, Healthy or Sick?

I was asked my thoughts on copper tonight so I figured that I'd share my opinion here, as copper has historically been considered one the most important leading indicators for the health of the global economy.  My reply below: Both scenarios presented.  Tough call but trying to be as neutral/unbiased as possible, I would give [...]

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CVU long setup

CVU was a recently completed long trade that was good for a 13.3% gain when the first target was hit on Feb 1st.  The stock pretty much stopped cold at that resistance level where it consolidated before a big gap and crap move lower just a few days later.  I've been keeping an eye on [...]

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NM long first target hit

NM has hit the first target of 4.30 for a 13.2% gain from entry.  Although I have my concerns about a pending pullback in the broad markets, this chart still looks constructive at this time.  Remember, I have been setting the prices targets below the expected reversal areas as to help assure a fill so [...]

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How the game is played.

In the perpetual cycle of the masses buying toward market tops and capitulating toward market bottoms, I often think of the old Wall Street adage; "It's always darkest before the dawn" which refers to the fact that market bottoms come when the news regarding the fundamentals and the outlook for the markets and economy is [...]

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Long trades approaching targets

For those in either the MAKO or NM long trades, be aware that they are both rapidly approaching their first target levels with NM up about 11.6% & MAKO up about 12.7% from entry.  I am aware that I've been overly cautious on the long-side lately (too bearish) but the fact that the market continues [...]

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SSRI long setup

SSRI is a silver mining stock that, along with the previous posted gold stock setups, appears to be setting up in a bullish pattern on the 60 minute chart after making a very overextended plunge to key support on the weekly time frames.  The reason for this common theme of focusing on mining stocks that [...]

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