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Mar 082013

CVU was a recently completed long trade that was good for a 13.3% gain when the first target was hit on Feb 1st.  The stock pretty much stopped cold at that resistance level where it consolidated before a big gap and crap move lower just [continue reading…]

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Mar 082013

NM has hit the first target of 4.30 for a 13.2% gain from entry.  Although I have my concerns about a pending pullback in the broad markets, this chart still looks constructive at this time.  Remember, I have been setting the prices targets below the [continue reading…]

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Mar 082013

In the perpetual cycle of the masses buying toward market tops and capitulating toward market bottoms, I often think of the old Wall Street adage; “It’s always darkest before the dawn” which refers to the fact that market bottoms come when the news regarding the [continue reading…]

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Mar 082013

For those in either the MAKO or NM long trades, be aware that they are both rapidly approaching their first target levels with NM up about 11.6% & MAKO up about 12.7% from entry.  I am aware that I’ve been overly cautious on the long-side [continue reading…]

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Mar 082013

SSRI is a silver mining stock that, along with the previous posted gold stock setups, appears to be setting up in a bullish pattern on the 60 minute chart after making a very overextended plunge to key support on the weekly time frames.  The reason [continue reading…]

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