WMB Final Price Target Hit for a 22% Profit

The WMB (Williams Companies Inc) Long Swing Trade + Growth & Income Trade hit the final target, T2 which was the primary downtrend line, on Friday for a 22% profit. As  T2 was the final target, WMB will now be moved to the Completed Trades category.

WMB daily May 9th

WMB daily May 9th


note: I will be spending some time updating the trade ideas today. As there are numerous trade ideas, both long & short, that have either hit their profit target(s) or exceeded their maximum suggested stop, email notifications will only be sent out on any trade updates that are time sensitive. As of now, all of the Trade Setup categories (long & short swing trades, growth & income trades + long-term trade setups) have all been updated with the Active Trades categories to be updated soon.

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