here’s the updated targets for the VGZ short.  if you recall when i posted the charts of the 7 gold & silver stock as short ideas on april 5th, i mentioned that i didn’t have time to add all the annotations on the charts, just the salient technical level(s), as i was pressed for time.  for example, the original chart of VGZ (2nd below) showed this critical support line, which can also be viewed as a neckline to a head and shoulders pattern.  regardless of whether it is/was a neckline of a H&S pattern or just a plain old support line, prices broke below that level shortly thereafter, triggering a short entry. first chart shows the targets for the trade although remember, GDX, as well as most of the other active gold & silver stock shorts, hit and bounced off support today so i would not consider adding to VGZ, or any other gold shorts, until those supports are broken.