TRX (Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corp.) was one of numerous mining stocks that were posted as hitting a profit target in the Feb 14th post titled Reducing Exposure to the Gold Mining Sector. As with those other trades, I did not have the time to post updated static charts for a visual reference on the trade until recently.

TRX hit the final near-term target (T2) for a 40.5% gain just one month after breaking out above the descending channel. As discussed in the Jan 16th update on TRX, the longer-term outlook for TRX remains bullish and I continue to believe that the longer-term target on this weekly chart (downtrend line) has a good chance of being hit over time. Therefore, longer-term trend traders and investors may decide to continue to hold TRX with the appropriate stops in place. However, I am going to consider TRX a Completed Trade as T2 on the daily chart was my final swing target on this trade although TRX might be added back as an official trade idea soon. Updated static charts below.

Click here to view the live daily chart OR the live weekly chart of TRX.