Right Side Of The Chart offers the option for both members & non-members to receive Emails on various activities published on the site including:

  • Front page posts sent by email to Silver & Gold members immediately upon publication
  • A Daily Digest of the front page posts (trade ideas, analysis, educational articles, etc.)*
  • Various activities within the trading room & trading room groups

Additional information on the various email options as well as their configuration settings can be found on our Email Notifications page.

If you have subscribed to our Daily Digest or any of our various premium (member-only) email options and are not receiving the emails, please try the following:

Junk/Spam Filters: The most common issue that we find is that our emails were being caught in our subscribers’ junk or spam folder or filtered completely by those filters. Aggressive & even not-so-aggressive settings on spam filters often result in “friendly” emails from making it to your inbox. Additionally, you may have multiple layers of junk mail filtering in which not-spam emails can be flagged & held as junk mail.

For example, if you use Microsoft Outlook as your mail client for your email account through you internet provider (e.g.- [email protected]), a friendly email might have to run the gauntlet of not one but two different spam/junk filters. Additionally, you might be running some type of security/anti-virus software on your computer that might also quarantine or block an email that it finds suspicious. As such, you may need to check all possible junk filters to verify that is not the issue and if it is, there should a setting to label an email and/or the sender’s domain, such as “@rightsideofthechart.com”, as “not junk”.

Add Us To Your Address Book: We also highly recommended adding any emails that you receive from Right Side Of The Chart, both those directly from the website (trading room & group notifications) as well as those sent via MailChimp (Premium Post Notifications & Public Daily Digests) to your address book, as that will usually (but not always) prevent those emails from being flagged as spam.

Confirm Your Email Address: It is not uncommon for many people to use multiple email addresses today. If you are a subscriber, log on to the site and verify the email address associated with your account. Also make sure to check all of your email inboxes for our emails & contact us if you would need assistance with changing the email address that you are subscribed to on any of our mailing lists.

Ask Your Email Provider To ‘Whitelist’ Us: Occasionally emails that are sent out to multiple recipients at once or in batches are flagged as potential spam from email providers as bulk emails are a signature of spammers. Email providers such as gmail, hotmail, yahoo, @mail.com, @comcast.net, etc. will occasionally mistakenly blacklist all emails sent from the domain of a legitimate sender such as @rightsideofthechart.com.,

If you have tried all other steps above and are still not receiving emails sent from our site, please contact your email provider to inquire if they have blacklisted our domain (@rightsideofthechart.com) and if so, ask them to whitelist us.